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Wanna attend an open minded event in Hamburg topped with free spirits, a variety of intrigues, identities and inspiration? Vogelball festival will deliver!

Vogelball is an electronic music festival in Hamburg, heading into its ninth edition in the night of August 3rd. The festival has at its core values freedom of expression, acceptance and diversity.  


The crowd is brought together by spicy representatives of underground and alternative music, Surrounded by artworks of the open-air gallery, the site merges nature with an industrial vibe, having the city acting as a scenic backdrop. 

Vogelball is fueled by a well-curated variety of electronic music and decorated with love and lust; it’s a rave, ball and night like no other. A heady combination of outstanding electronic music and exuberant party-people brings warmth and wonder to the heart of Hamburg.

Check Vogelball festival tickets, their price is the cherry on top of everything. Do you feel like looking for transport & acommodation to go with them, don’t you? We might know some options.. 

Book your VOGELBALL festival trip here


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Till our next blogpost, have fun!

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