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There’s a certain aura that surrounds the electronic music scene of Romania, which has met an unseen development compared to other countries. Considering the number of festivals emerging year by year, is Sunwaves worth the trip? What’s the story behind the hype?


1. Music Policy

Sunwaves is one of Europe’s best-loved electronic music festivals, and for good reason. Across 24 editions, the Romanian event has stuck to a well-defined music policy and ethos based around three simple things: key players, long DJ sets and crystal-clear sound. This combination together with the spectacular seaside location have generated a loyal following, and for fans of minimalist dance music there’s no better festival.

2. Location

Located on Mamaia, a hotspot on the Romanian seaside, the festival takes you on the beach, and after a long winter and shy spring, isn’t that what we crave for? The golden sand, the spectacular sunrises and the mix of wooden and covered tents make out of Sunwaves a very refreshing festival. Both you and your Instagram feed will look stunning. The closest airports are Bucharest or Constanta, but a transfer is needed to reach Mamaia. And here we have prepared all options of flights, transfers and accommodation to make it easier for you.

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3 Key Players

Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Sonja Moonear, Marco Carola, Carl Cox, tINI, or the hometown heroes [a:rpia:r] —are given prime-time slots in front of crowds who know exactly what they’re going to get. Sunwaves makes you get going for five days in a row without ever wanting it to end. That’s magic.


4. The Culture

From humble artists that like their profile as low-key as possible, to parties and after-parties that go on around the clock for days, crowds with an insatiable thirst for high quality events — the Romanians started from scratch the design of their underground scene, more than 20 years ago, with an outcome that acknowledged the interest of the whole world. The first Sunwaves edition took place back in 2007, and it’s needless to mention its weight in supporting the scene.


5. Festival Experience

Romania has one of the most dazzling night lives, with lush soundscapes and visuals that anchor your mind with ease. From festivals to clubs, the video-mapping is one of the highlights of a night: accentuated and ambiguous — they make out of a record more than the sum of its parts, sounding richer and more nuanced the more you lose yourself in the panorama in front of your eyes. The parties go for days; the idea of playing long sets fuses with the DJs desire to express their vision: there’s no rush. Starting from its inherited natural locations, you’ll have one of your best party experiences in Romania due to the fusion between organizers, line-up, visuals and friendly people.


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