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OMG, THIS IS Insane!


Oh, we love festival brands that speak for themselves. Insane is obviously one of the loveliest festival in the world at the moment, and here’s why:

Unique in the region, unique in France, unique in Europe. If it might seem a little arrogant at first glance, it must be said that it is about ambition here. Because INSANE wants to see things big: to rally the different facets of electronic music, all in one place, on a single date.

Can you imagine what an INSANE line-up they have?
Their goal: to encourage fans of electronic music to come together as one and celebrate the scene that they all love, regardless of their community or background. INSANE wants to make the crazy bet to invite all the festival-goers to reach out, dance, sweat, shout, sing, jump. To live together, simply! And no matter which community we are attached to, this evening will be the perfect evening to break free and emancipate.



Beyond the music, Insane Festival pay close attention to every detail of the show, with state-of-the-art visuals and sound complimenting every pulse from the DJ booth.

The pen of INSANE will serve both to write the story of a night like no other and to fly together towards a horizon that we all hope more positive.

With all these good vibes, there’s no doubt we’d pack in an instant and go insane. Find our helpful services around, such as close hotels near Insane, flights or transport towards the south of France and insane festival tickets.

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Till our next blogpost, have fun!

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