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Yep. We miss Festivals. We know it, you know it, the artists know it, the organisers know it. Even the alcohol or tobacco sponsors know it.
Since our world and main interest revolves around festivals and gatherings and collective energy and electronic dance music, and sleepless nights laughing around the clock, the times we are currently have to live up to are a bit tough and sad. No matter how much we’d avoid this topic, there’s no need in ignoring the elephant in the room.

So let’s become friends with him and cheer up somehow.

With such a thriving festival scene and full calendar (pre-pandemic) – during summertime every weekend had an unmissable hotspot, we might not have had enough time, patience or quietness to watch and relive some of our favorite festivals after-movies.

Can we give them some more credit now?

Of course we can, and even more – that might be the best thing we could do to have our hearts pumping the same way we did past years, while we were sippin’ long drinks in the front row.. Golden times, baby.

Let’s get down on memory lane to some of the coolest aftermovies we’ve ever seen and festivals we’ve ever experienced.



Relive the madness and be indulged into the Tomorrowland magic once again…




Relive the largest festival on US grounds…



Let’s mindfully travel to the Adriatic coast in Croatia for Dimensions, a festival that boasts an unrivalled combination of sounds and surroundings.


WAHA 2018

Art is our language, music is the rhythm,
Dancing is our freedom.
Waha is the playground.




A very personal and touching aftermovie of the Romanian festival




The island of freedom. What a positive festival & energetic aftermovie




Commonly known as heaven on Earth




Old-school aftermovie from one of our favorite festival get-together on Romanian grounds


Which aftermovie is your favorite? ❤️

We truly hope we managed to put a smile on your face while indulging with the aftermovie decadence. Cheers to the golden times!

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