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Daily checklist to get by the quarantine


As the current crisis unfolds, governments are enforcing quarantine and isolation, while cities around the world have imposed capacity limits on public gatherings, forcing key nightclubs, including Berlin’s Berghain and Tresor, Rome’s Club Goa, Bucharest’s Club Guesthouse, Zurich’s Club Supermarket and so many more to temporarily halt events, work at reduced capacity or switch to livestreaming.

Festivals planned for March and April, including California’s Coachella and Morroco’s Beat Hotel, TomorrowLand, TimeWarp, Caprices have been postponed, while others, like Japan’s Rainbow Disco Club and Netherland’s Rewire, have been cancelled. Many artists, including the likes of Four Tet, Caterina Barbieri, Arca and Thom Yorke, have called off gigs and tours.


At Electronic Roads, we’ve partnered with the world’s most successful travelling companies such as Airbnb, Booking. com or RentalCars to make sure you find the most fare services for your favourite festival, with no extra commission. However, in this hard times we believe staying safe is much more important than having fun so our team decided to remove all festivals from the Electronic Roads website until June 2020, recommending you to postpone travelling plans and take care of yourself and your beloved ones.

Some hard-won experience from the greatest pandemic in recorded history could help us in the weeks and months ahead.

Here is a long list of seize-the-day, fun things to do at home. Some of them are “fun” in the sense that you’ll feel really good having done them, and some of them will pluck your nostalgic heart strings as you’re making new memories. Here’s our daily checklist to get by the quarantine:

  • Play beautiful music all day long
  • Keep the house tidy. Beautify everything!
  • Work on a personal project or a new skill
  • Call someone you care about
  • Only eat when you’re hungry, not bored
  • Exercise – be creative with this routine
  • Be silly – find humour in everything
  • Take vitamins C and D supplements. Eat your veggies & fruits
  • Call someone you care about
  • Don’t spend more than 15’ reading news.
  • Be grateful! You’re in your cosy home, with all utilities, healthy, with access to the whole world through the internet. It could be much worse, really.
Stay safe, stay wise, stay at home. We’ll deliver a daily dose of dopamine through some of our favorite records ❤️ and we can better plan the festivals of summer and autumn that we highly anticipate and crave..



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