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About us

About Us Photo Credit - Unaalta

Electronic music is what brings people together regardless of race, age or language, in temporary instances of inter-personal communion embodied in the raves of the '90s and now by the buoyant network of festivals.

We understand the euphoria and sense of unity that comes with dancing barefoot in a forest, on top of a mountain or on a beach, under the stars.

Electronic Roads was born as a true labour of love by a team of music lovers and fervent party-goers. Our deep passion for music and the culture that surrounds it has led to get actively involved and participate in the development of its rapid growing community.

This is why we strive to provide you with the best tools to access these unique music and travel experiences. We take on the burden of the logistics so that you wouldn't have to.

About Us Photo Credit - Unaalta

We offer extended travel advice through a comprehensive list of places to stay that you can tailor to your own adventure, from hotels to boat houses, a wide array of transportation options from trusted partners, as well as the some of the best customer service available.

There is no extra commission or fees to our services. We aim to offer you the best travel advice available for each festival, sending you to purchase it directly from the most reputable travel companies worldwide. We make it our mission to find the best deals for you.

As far as festival tickets go, we encourage you to buy them directly from the festival organizers, linking you to their official websites.

We also want to inspire - that's why we present you with a carefully selected festival list including old favorites and hidden gems that fly a little under the radar.

And, of course, everything with the extra TLC that only a boutique company can offer. Actually, we like to see ourselves more as a family. Welcome!